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First of all – Happy New Year and thank you for trusting us to hold your ticket safely. Don’t worry its still valid and locked safely in our ticket vault - now while we are all hoping that things will soon get back to normal asap with the roll out of the vaccination programme, we all know that this will take some time.


We are currently in the process of re-designing our next Modified Nationals event 2021 to be COVID-19 compliant.  This will enable us to bring you a safe and secure event that meets all the government guidelines including possible restricted numbers that are able to attend, so as a ticket holder you already have priority access to the show!  


Modified Nationals

May 28-30th (Bank Holiday Weekend)

East of England Showground.


We will be making sure all aspects of the event meet these guidelines including all traders, vendors and most importantly you (the public) attending the event.



•Socially distanced Exhibitor Stands

•2m queueing regulations

•Temperature checks on arrival

•Non-contact wristbands for weekend visitors.

•Hand sanitizers and signs

•Marshalls to ensure compliance and safety of everyone.


We will share information as we move forward and will lift as many of the restrictions as the government allow in due course.


New Tickets


The first “new” tickets to go on sale are to clubs and show cars. These will be sold through the booking forms ONLY so we can keep a close and critical check on numbers.  


If the government still limit ticket numbers in May we want to ensure that those clubs that want to attend can do so.  We cannot guarantee how long club tickets will be on sale.  


We are committed to bringing you an event in 2021, unless the government’s guidelines change. Modified Nationals is an event that is viable given the age group of those that attend.


After all we all need something to look forward to! So sit tight a little longer, your patience is appreciated during this challenging times.